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February 21, 2021 5 min read


Sophie wears our Nora Maxi Dress in Black
It has been a challenging year for everyone to say the least. Despite the obstacles that the pandemic has thrown our way, we are so happy and thankful to finally be able to launch our new collection, albeit a year later than we had planned.
The Daughters of Summer Spring Summer '21 collection was inspired by graphic artwork and flora from Japan. Our new print, the Peony, print was inspired by a vintage kimono fabric. The colour palette also inspired from Japanese flowers including Azaleas and Wisteria. 

Our colour and print mood boards for the SS 21' collection
The swimwear for this collection was intended initially to launch much earlier, and the dresses weren't ready as we still hadn't sourced our dress fabric as it was important to find the most sustainable alternative to silk which was challenging to find, and so we had the shoot for our swimwear back in June 2019 in New York. 
The swimwear collection was shot by a team of talented women. Our photographer, Brianne Wills, who lives in Brooklyn and hails from Portland, Oregon worked alongside her talented assistant Hannah Lewis-Lopes. Make-up and hair created by the talented Marie-Josée Leduc, who owns her own brand of organic eco-friendly skincare Odièle, and the face of our swimwear campaign Derlyn Perez. Brianne, Hannah and Marie-Josée all had worked out our first collection shoot as well.
Derlyn wears our Becky top and Rianne bikini bottoms in the Peony print in Moss
When the pandemic hit, we were in the process of production for the new collection. Our factory, then located in Manhattan, had to close during this time in lockdown and because of the high rent in Manhattan and not generating any revenue to pay for their expenses, the factory was forced to relocate to a less expensive venue. They were able to find a larger and less expensive space in New Jersey, however by the time they re-opened in July, we had missed our swimwear season for the year and our opportunity to launch new product.
It was extremely challenging to find a suitable fabric for our dresses, however after years of sourcing, we finally found a fabric quality that is an incredible eco-friendly alternative to silk with a comparable weave, fabric-feel and drape. The fibre is made from TENCEL™ branded lyocell and modal fibres produced by environmentally responsible processes from sustainably sourced natural raw material wood. The fabric quality has a crinkle finish, which travels incredibly well and the crinkle finish remains unaffected after steaming making it great for your travel wardrobe. 
Sophie wears our Lara Ruffle Dress in Black
We were able to finalise the dress fabric in the fall of 2019 and were able to incorporate the dresses into the collection. Being a small business means many challenges and one of our big challenges is dealing with factory minimums, which helps factories ensure profitability by creating a minimum order quantity for any customers. The issue often for small businesses is being able to afford such large minimum orders. Because of this, since we are entirely self-funded, we were only able to purchase one colour because of our small budget.
We wanted our shoot for the dress collection to be in a local location that was in-line with our ethos, just as we do with all our business partners. We partnered with The Rosedon Hotel & Huckleberry Restaurant in Bermuda because of their like-minded business philosophy.
Derlyn wears our Isabel top and Ava bikini bottoms in the Azalea Peony Print
The Rosedon Hotel & Huckleberry Restaurant have always prioritised nurturing and protecting Bermuda's fragile island environment, and their efforts to help minimise their impact have been recognised and applauded internationally. There are a few key ways in which they have managed to build their brand sustainably around sustainability. First, they have set high standards for their day-to-day operations both behind the scenes and in the front-house, and constantly adjust those standards based on the latest science. At the moment, they use solar to power all of their water heating systems property-wide, use only biodegradable containers, utilise a glass crusher that reduces glass products to sand which is then used as substrate in their lawns and gardens, and maintain multiple on and off property bio-diverse gardens. Their restaurant menu is sustainable, organic & bio-diverse from appetiser to aperitif. The Rosedon’s on-and-off-property gardens supply 80% of their restaurant’s vegetables and fruits, and they utilise every plant they grow; from the obvious - think carrots, onions & zucchini for entrées - to the unusual - think edible flowers for cocktails & using the foam created by blended chickpeas for dessert toppings. 
Deeper than just what they offer, and at the heart of any truly sustainable business, are the relationships with local suppliers. The Rosedon doesn’t shy away from getting a little creative with how they work with them, as they believe strong local relationships foster better food, more interesting menus & a more exciting stay for guests. That’s why the Rosedon constantly partners with local vendors for unique experiences like Passion Fields’ beekeeping classes for hotel guests, or by hosting them at the annual local Christmas market. The Rosedon invites you to come on property and experience the magic that happens when luxury meets love; for our island, our environment & all who exist within it. 
Being a small business, run solely by the founder and director Kim Deuss, it is especially important for us to support local entrepreneurs, artists and businesses and particularly woman-owned businesses whenever possible. 
Derlyn wears our Mica top and Rianne bikini bottoms in Blossom
We worked with an incredibly talented local Bermudian crew for the shoot including the renowned local photographer Meredith Andrews, who recently received recognition in her Majesty the Queen of England's New Year's Honours List. Meredith worked alongside her assistant James Cooper, local photographer and artist and video was shot by James Doughty, a talented local photographer and videographer. Make-up was done by Astoria Smith, owner of the local eco-friendly beauty and nail studio Lacquered Lounge in St. George’s. All of the products Astoria uses, which she carries at her studio for her customers, are vegan, organic, biodegradable and use less chemicals, which is better both for the environment and for you. Hair was created by local stylist Ciara who works at Blue Print Hair Studio and most importantly, the face of our collection is local Bermudian model Sophie Adams.
We are so excited to share with you our new collection launching online and in-store on March 16th, 2021, on our two-year anniversary of the launch of our business. Stay up to date with all the latest on our social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.