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August 08, 2020 4 min read


Sue is a Bermuda born entrepreneur who founded a business, Naked Zero, focused on healthy and sustainable living. Read on to find out about her journey, how she came to build her business and what inspired her along the way.

Sue was born in Bermuda just like both her parents and was raised in Somerset, the western part of the island. Her Somerset community was very close-knit and most of her family still resides there today. She finished both Primary and Middle School in Somerset, and then went on to Catholic high school and finished her studies at Georgia State University where she majored in Finance. Growing up, Sue was a creative kid who loved to dance and excelled in school easily. Family has always been important to her. Spending a lot of time with them, she considers her cousins her best friends and her niece was raised like a sister. She loved spending time around the people she loved and made her happy, which is what she creates through her business today, which is community and good vibes.

Prior to launching Naked Zero, Sue worked for a very prestigious investment manager. She began on the underwriting and deal processing team and then moved on to the Portfolio Management team which was responsible for managing 10 billion dollars’ worth of assets. She had the privilege of starting at the company when it was in the start-up stage, so her roles varied across the firm as it grew.

With her busy life and work, Sue got to a point where she felt like she was living life on autopilot. She wanted to dedicate time to focusing on herself and in the process she decided to go through a process of minimalism, down-sizing and getting rid of things that no longer served her. As a result, when she had to buy new things again she wanted to ensure that anything she purchased or consumed from that point on would be gentle on the environment, her body and those making the products.

After going through this process of minimalism and sustainability, Sue found that it was difficult to find the sustainable alternatives she was looking for locally. This inspired her to start her business, to create a place where you could find all these sustainable products under one roof. It also became a place where knowledge could be shared on the minimalist, sustainable and mindful lifestyle.

In Sue’s words “Naked Zero is a one stop shop for mind, body, and Earth consciousness. We promote minimalism – quality over quantity in everything that we do. Our goal is to empower our community with the tools to live more mindfully and sustainably… and to make it cool!”

Sue in Daughters of Summer Mica top and Sadie bikini bottoms in Black

Inspired by a Zero Waste store in Brooklyn, Sue started to form ideas about her store. She recalls drawing the initial logo on a sticky note and texting a fellow entrepreneur about the idea. The start-up process developed quite quickly and she started doing pop-up shops right away. She launched her physical permanent location in 2018.

Some of the challenges she faced along the way has been dealing with the importation of the goods, as Bermuda is an island and most products need to be brought in. It is difficult to be completely sustainable when goods need to be shipped or air freighted in from overseas, because of the carbon footprint. They made sure their clientele was informed about the importation timelines so at times there were queues for products, but that helped her better manage the environmental impact. The process for finding new ways to import goods with a smaller environmental impact is an ongoing effort, and just like all challenges in business she loves approaching it creatively.

Sue tells us how her business Naked Zero has been constantly evolving since the beginning. From starting out with pop-ups, to then offering subscription boxes, and then moving into a physical location and then launching an online platform. She’s seen a huge uptick in the service side of her business, as she launched courses on how to live more consciously, specifically around mindfulness and manifestation. She has also hosted a number of escapes/retreats and workshops to cultivate conscious living with her customers and clients centered around mind, body and Earth in harmony.

Through Naked Zero, not only has it offered sustainable alternatives for those seeking it, but also encourages many others towards this lifestyle and products that may not have been aware or exposed to it otherwise. The favorite is the menstrual cup, as many women were very against it, but after trying it out now swear by it and try to encourage every woman in their immediate circle to try it too!

As a result of the pandemic, new business opportunities presented itself for Naked Zero. Because the business is centered around mind, body, Earth integration the business leaned heavily into supporting the community around their mindset while going through these unprecedented times. She hosted circles for fellow business owners and individuals and launched retreats, manifestation courses and various private classes. It has also helped her evaluate the true need, or lack thereof, for a physical location.

Her short-term business goals include the continuation of launching more wellness escapes in various formats both locally and virtually as well as continue to teach mindfulness through courses and through social media. Sue finds it so empowering and fulfilling when individuals understand the power of their thoughts and actions and how they can create realities and opportunities that bring them great joy. She knows firsthand what it is like to live life on default, with little passion, just going day-to-day with the flow, and with the great responsibility of having the right mindset and direction it makes living life so much more enjoyable.

Check out her business Naked Zero's website here.