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October 17, 2020 4 min read


We interviewed Caley Vanular, an athlete and fellow entrepreneur, to tell us about her work, her passion for surf, snowboarding and for the protection of our environment. Read on to hear her story told in her words.


My name’s Caley (pronounced kah lee), I hail from British Columbia, Canada. I was raised by the mountains and now spend most of my time by the sea. I was a competitive snowboarder for 23 years and now I own a marketing agency working as the creative director. 

I was originally born in Toronto, Ontario. I moved a lot as a kid and spent the majority of my Ontario life in Niagara-On-The-Lake. I moved to Whistler with my family for high school and then eventually moved down to the city for University. I’ve been based out of Vancouver ever since. I love Vancouver for the proximity to the ocean and the mountains, the diverse culture, amazing food scene, and the underlying focus on health and wellness.

I basically grew up in some sort of body of water. My dad was on the Canadian Olympic swim team so under his influence I’ve been in the water as long as I can remember. I’ve spent countless hours sailing and jumping into Canadian lakes alongside scuba diving and playing in the ocean with my dad at his house in Florida. My apartment in Vancouver is a block from the ocean so sometimes you can smell the ocean and often you see seagulls fly overhead. My goal is to eventually live right on the beach walking distance to surf. 

I always wanted to surf. I grew up skating and snowboarding so it was always attractive to me. I haven’t been surfing that long! I blame it on my brother. He didn’t pick it up as a kid and I did whatever he did so I didn’t try until I was like 18... and then I didn’t actually start surfing until I was 22 in Oregon. I learnt in a thick 5/4 wetsuit in very cold water.

I love the places surfing brings me. The early morning light. The people you meet. The endless evenings. The perfect duck dive. The bluest water you’ve ever seen. The feeling of catching a wave. The act of learning something new. The fear and excitement bundled together in your stomach. 

Driving down the Baja has to be some of my favourite times surfing. The dusty roads, homemade tacos,  the lack of people and the lack of cell service puts you in this euphoric mindset that makes the surfing even better. We usually find a point break and set up camp for a couple days and surf until we can’t move our arms; stopping only for water, tacos and more sunscreen. 

I love Mexico. Baja and Mainland Mexico. There are so many waves to be surfed, lefts and rights and the country is so diverse. One area can be super lush and filled with waterfalls and a couple hours away is a dusty desert that you can see across for miles. Next I really want to go to Tahiti and then the Maldives.

Caley surfing in Daughters of Summer bikini in West Sumatra, Indonesia

I accidentally wore my DOS bikini on one of the biggest days we surfed in Indo. I wasn’t expecting the spot to pick up so much swell but I was happy at how well it stayed on. I love the quality of the fabric. It feels expensive and well designed in your hand. I love the use of environmentally friendly materials to make the bikinis. 

I get in the water as much as possible. I make my own schedule so I just keep my eyes on the forecast and strike when it’s hot. When there is no surf or snowboarding I am usually just thinking up 1000 new business ideas, planning community events or working out. 

I always knew what I wanted to do I just never knew what to call it. Since I was nine years old I knew I loved design, photography and entrepreneurship. I was always good at using technology. My goal from a young age was to be a professional snowboarder and luckily for me the snowboard community also nurtured my passions. You had to be entrepreneurial, creative and well branded to succeed in the sport. I was able to translate my skills to other industries which enabled me to keep working, learning and growing to take on bigger and better projects. 

Caley wears Daughters of Summer Mica top and Sadie bikini bottom in Cedar

I try to spend as much time as possible outside. Everything I love to do relies on the environment and I want others to be able to love it as much as I do. I host events and donate the profits to Sea Legacy. I like to remind people how easy it is to raise money for things you care about. I also do beach cleanups with Surfrider. I have free time and access to amenities why wouldn’t I get involved, you know? 

I think the best thing you can do is live in a small structure with only the bare necessities, right where you need to be. That way you don’t buy stuff you don’t need and don’t need to travel because you’re already there. Steps I take to minimize my environmental impact are using reusable vessels like water bottles and coffee mugs. I put my savings into ESG investing so I’m not funding big business I don’t support. I ask the brands I work for to offset my co2 emissions. I don’t support fast fashion and thrift as much as possible. I make all my own skincare products in refillable glass containers. And I’m open to learning how to improve more... I am definitely not perfect but I believe that everything helps and it’s important to encourage people to try. I’ve noticed even within my friend group that it’s “embarrassing” or “shameful” to forget your togo cup at coffee now which is cool. It’s a step in the right direction. 


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